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A message from a Senior to New Families and Students!

A letter from a senior to new families and their students:

Welcome! You are in for an incredible experience!

As I look back on my six years at Cardinal Newman, the one thing I now know is that there are people here who want you to succeed. You may not realize it until time has passed, but there are teachers, coaches and staff that have your best interest at heart. Cardinal Newman wants you to thrive.

I have really liked the smaller school environment. It has a sense of community - you know people and they know you. You may not know everyone’s name, but if you saw another student you would know they are a classmate. You are not a stranger, and you are not one of the masses. The teachers know you and are willing to work with you. They truly care. They support us completely.

One of my favorite aspects of my time at Cardinal Newman has been the opportunity to be involved in many sports, clubs and programs. I have been fortunate to play multiple sports and learn new ones. Three of the sports I now play I did not play when I entered - football, wrestling, and track and field. There are not a lot of schools where you can pick up a sport in your junior year of high school, but I believe this is possible at CN because our culture encourages us to be involved. Quiz Bowl and Chess Club are two clubs that I have been a part of, been able to compete in and in which I have had an opportunity for leadership. I have been coaching our Middle School Quiz Bowl Team and really have enjoyed mentoring my younger classmates. Again, all of this is possible because of our school’s emphasis on engaging in campus life.

Cardinal Newman is really great in setting you up to succeed! Faculty, staff and coaches will help you and push you to exceed beyond your own expectations. If you are willing to put in the work and do your best, even if you are the last person to jump in, there is a place for you.

Cardinal Newman helps you develop your talents. You just have to say, ”Yes!” Whether you are a student or a parent, please get involved and make the most out of your time at Cardinal Newman. I’m so proud to be a Cardinal, and I know you will be too!

About the author Declan Carroll: Declan has been involved academically, spiritually and athletically at Cardinal Newman. He has been a Student Ambassador, Youth in Government participant and a Civility Trainer. He earned state honors with the Chess Club and Quiz Bowl Team. Declan serves campus ministry as an altar server. In addition, he has played varsity soccer and football and is on the varsity wrestling and varsity track & field team. Declan is a Wofford Scholar, Furman Scholar and an Academic-All American.