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Cardinal Newman Dance Marathon Breaks State Record

Cardinal Newman Dance Marathon Raised $64,625 for Prisma Health Children's Hospital. More...

Even though the school gym was dark, empty, and silent and none of the hundreds of student dancers could be be found there, the Cardinal Newman Dance Marathon (CNDM), still held its event. It just wasn't in the traditional way!

Since social distancing was in order, students, parents, faculty, and friends celebrated via the school's social media the “big reveal” of the funds the students raised! We were proud to announce CNDM raised $64,625 for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital! This is a new state record for secondary schools!

"We are overjoyed to be able to serve our community, and especially Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, in such a significant way,” said CNDM Co-Chair Hailey Laubacker. “Our entire school worked so hard again this year, and I’m grateful we have some way to come together to celebrate.” CNDM Co-Chair Mackeena Hoover added, “While we are so excited and wish we could have gathered in person for our traditional marathon, we understand the need for social distancing. We recognize the challenges our nation is facing and pray for our county and our leaders.” “Our students have generous hearts - you can see that here where they have worked so hard to fund support for children in need,” said Principal Rob Loia. “We are a small school whose students have great hearts. That is why they have raised more than any other secondary school dance marathon in the state.”

In 2012, Cardinal Newman was the first school in the state to partner with the UofSC Dance Marathon (USCDM) and has raised over $364,000 since this began.