"We believe in Cardinal Newman, because the school motto of Truth, Integrity, and Fidelity is lived out daily. Students receive an excellent education, in small class sizes, from knowledgeable faculty that truly care. Character formation is a core focus and students have ample leadership opportunities. The Catholic values taught in the classroom also extend to the sports programs and extracurricular activities.
We believe that parent and family involvement is critical to student success at all levels of education. Cardinal Newman works to make parents as much a part of the school as the students. The spiritual and academic formation at Cardinal Newman will serve our children as the embrace the challenges that lie ahead. We really value this education that addresses the whole person, so that our children will become moral, well-educated adults."
Tim and Adrienne Carroll
Declan (2019), Addie (2022), Elliana (2025)

"We have had a most positive experience attending Cardinal Newman School. Transitioning from elementary to middle school has been an easy and stress free one. The academic curriculum is appropriately challenging. Teachers and guidance work in hand with the parents/students to make sure that your child is well prepared for his or her academic future. Most importantly, to me, I feel confident my child is receiving a solid no nonsense education. Faculty set high expectations for students while offering a caring, structured environment for learning and excelling.
We are not of the Catholic faith but have felt most at home and included in every aspect of our experience at Cardinal Newman. I cannot say enough about Mrs. Kasprowski and all of the faculty. Cardinal Newman is most definitely "redefining excellence" and we are happy to be a part of the Cardinal family."
Erin Jaffe
Andrei-Georges Bolshakov (2020)

"Throughout the years, many have asked us why we chose a Catholic education for our girls. Part of the answer is that it is in our heritage and our upbringing. Our parents sacrificed to send us to Catholic schools and were committed to this purpose for us. When we moved to South Carolina, we were concerned with the quality of the education in this State. As it turned out, the public education in our school district was very good. However, academics alone were not the only criteria. We had two daughters who were excellent students but we wanted more. We were not just interested in educating our children; we were committed to developing the whole person - mentally, physically and spiritually. Cardinal Newman School provided all of that and more. Mentally, the education that our daughters received was excellent and provided them the foundation for continued achievement in college and now in their jobs. Physically, the ability for them to participate at a high level in sports taught them many valuable life lessons. Spiritually, Cardinal Newman School gave them the understanding that living in the world does not mean possessing the spirit of the world but rather living in the world and possessing the Spirit of God. We highly recommend that you consider Cardinal Newman School for your son or daughter but only if you are interested in forming lives of excellence in the Catholic tradition."
Stick and Lisa Thibodeaux
Cielle (2002), Kristen (2005) 
"Why Cardinal Newman School? Because the education focuses on developing the whole person, not just the academic side of the student. The character building they offer through developing the children, morally and spiritually, in addition to their stellar curriculum, is priceless! We have one shot during these formative years to educate our children well and instill decision-making capabilities based on Christian values. Cardinal Newman School excels at both. We wouldn't want our children anywhere else!"
Jim and Mariellen Deyling
Margo (2013), Lauren (2014) 

"Our daughter came from St. Martin dePorres Catholic School. She was very shy and bright. St. Martin's was very small and nurturing so we were concerned about her. We have been really happy about her many friendships and her ability to persevere with her school work. Moreover, she takes honors level courses, loves to attend the football games and most of all, loves to help people. Cardinal Newman has become her home."
Moses and Gael Rabb
MaryAnne (2014)
"We were fortunate that our children could experience the unique educational experience offered by Cardinal Newman School. In the Catholic tradition, Cardinal Newman's faculty and staff welcomes students from all walks of life and provides them with strong academics in a faith based environment. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic fields, or in social settings, Cardinal Newman students are taught to work hard and make good decisions. For us, this is the definition of a well rounded education."
Charlie and Patti Terreni
Charlie (2014), Shand (2017)