A Big THANK YOU to our Host Families:

Matthew and Michelle Bartels

Stacey and Jason Bradley

Rick and Stacie Boyer

Chris and Terri Boyle

 Mike and Elizabeth Brubaker

Steve and Marcia Burch

Shawn and Dana Burke

Tim and Adrienne Carroll

Mike and Eileen Carrouth

Britt and Amy Chontos

Steve and Jessica Clary

Mike and Lisa Collins

Steve and Jill Cutler

Michael and Stephanie DeFreese

Randall Dong and Tracy Skipper

Dick and Suzanne Frame

Matt and Joy Furman

Brian and Terry Halloran

Jay and Carolyn Hamm

Tiffany Harrison

Jeff and Jennifer Heath

Mark and Lee Ann Hocutt

Michael and Karen Hedgecock

Christopher and Jennifer Hydorn

Pete and Janet Kubas

Joel and Lisa Leonard

Chris and Krista Mazoue

Edwin and Maura Moore

PJ and Stephanie Musto

Kevin and Mary Nahigian

Hai and Jennifer Ninh

Mary Ochieng

Sean and Terri O'Connor

Meredith and Kevin Patten

Brad and Heather Presnal

Greg and Jennifer Risinger

Darren and Kathy Rhodes

Tim and Margaret Robinson

Michael and Rebecca Seezen

Alan and Karen Sprayberry

John and Melissa Stephens

Brady and Brooke Thomas

Rob and Tammy Watson

Paul and Kitty Weiland

Mike and Kathy Wilbur

Todd and Tatum Wilkinson

Tim and April Winslow

Greg and Victoria White

Rod and Jennifer Wolfe