Graduate at Graduation
Cardinal Newman School VISION and CORE VALUES
Redefining Excellence!
In the Classroom  -  On the Field  -  In the Community
For Their Futures
In keeping with the VISION and Core Values, the Cardinal Newman
"Graduate at Graduation" will be:
1. A faith-principled leader who …
• has a strong personal relationship with God.
• does everything for the greater glory of God.
• lives in and for Christ.
• has a strong moral core steeped in Catholic/Christian values 
   with the courage to stand alone if needed.
• has the courage to be committed to Social Justice and live out
   that commitment.
• has a commitment to living her/his faith through the
   liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.
• possesses a firm foundation in the faith that leads to a
   commitment to life-long faith development.
• recognizes the face of God in everyone --- all are made in the
  image of God.
2. A virtuous person who exhibits the qualities of …
• integrity
• accountability
• self-discipline
• diligence
• perseverance
• empathy
• Self-discipline
3. A person who demonstrates love through …
• commitment to selfless service.
• compassion for the plight of others and advocacy for social
   justice concerns.
• displaying respect, kindness, and courtesy to all.
• appreciating the diverse talents and contributions of others.
• ongoing dedication to the Cardinal Newman School
4. A committed life-long learner who is/has
• a critical thinker and problem solver.
• pride in her/his work and in seeking personal excellence.
• an accomplished communicator – both oral and written.
• aware of local, national, and global issues.
• skilled in 21st century information technology.
• an appreciation for the Arts.
• an appreciation for the cultures of others.
• an understanding of the natural world.